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In late 2008 I purchased an unlimited usage Pro Account with the CanadaGood user name at Since then I have posted more than 25,000 photos and videos. This page is where I expand my short Flickr profile.

When I received my first Kodak Brownie camera in 1963; I started to take photographs in my home city of Vancouver, Canada. Some of those earliest photos are here on Flickr.

In 1996 I started making web pages with photos at I thought that I could sell larger version of my photos. That did not happen but I have sold a few photos for magazines and advertising. Not making any sales I decided instead to upload the vast majority of my photos to Flickr. I eventually uploaded about 95% of all my photos; that took more than a year. I even managed to sell a few examples for magazines and advertising.

Having a limited budget for film and developing forced me into the habit of thinking and composing before I pressed the shutter button. (Unfortunately, it also meant that I missed the chance for some great photos). My photo equipment has ranged from very-good, such as my beloved Olympus OM-1, to cheap and disposable. My first digital camera was purchased in 1998 and I now shoot entirely digital. I believe that a photographer's inner vision is far more important than the cost of their equipment.

My primary camera is a little Pentax Optio RZ10. I also take pics with my Samsung smartphone.

I now use software to crop, remove specs and adjust contrast; but generally, I like to have the end results resemble what I see in my viewfinder, rather than creating some alternate enhanced HDR / SFX version of reality. With my early digital cameras, I took too many low resolution smaller-sized photos. (I wish that I could revisit some of the old photography locations with current technology and knowledge).

Until recently I still had my Kodak slide projector complete with slide trays, slide cubes and slide transparencies. Having the physical slides has been quite useful when sorting and tagging my images. Most have little notes written on the edges and most are also stamped with the month and year of processing. I scanned a few thousand slides in 2002 and did a big rescan in 2009.

Many of the more embarrassing, personal and interesting photos are hidden unless you have Family and/or Friends access permission.

I hope that you enjoy the results. Comments and feedback are most welcome.

Corrections, useful comments and interesting opinions are always welcome.
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